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Community Engagement is about involving the community in change either developmental or policy driven. In order to achieve exceptional engagement, Participation Plus has the tools and experience to bring government, community and industry together to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

We apply innovative approaches to corporate strategy in community engagement - building and maintaining stakeholder relationships, reputation and risk management and meeting legislative or licensing requirements.



Communities in the Decision Making Process

Public Participation is when you bring the community along with you in exploring ideas, development or policies then you have a greater chance of success of that project. The landscape is littered with the disasters of pushing through with plans, policies or projects that did not include meaningful involvement of the community or major stakeholders. Success is about involving people in changes that will impact on their lives.

We deliver ongoing public participation programs - embedding an engagement culture in organisations and negotiating solutions to stakeholder concerns in relation to environment, community well-being and development.We also pride ourselves in professional facilitation.

Vivienne Lambert

My extensive experience includes working with global resource corporations, local and State governments, emergency service providers, universities, consulting firms, not-for-profits, and grass roots community organisations. I believe that the community must be brought along from the outset in any development or project/policy that will impact them. I've designed and implemented numerous programs through my senior engagement consultant roles in SA government and private corporations. I have since been involved in running deliberative participation programs alongside my associates at democracyCo as well as providing engagement expertise for other organisations such as SAPOL, the EPA and NRM.

I have experience with a wide range of public participation and collaborative engagement techniques, innovative facilitation and training delivery including experience in design charrettes, citizens' juries, community reference groups and community projects.


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    Email:- Vivienne Lambert

    Phone:- 0417084475

    Associates:- democracyCo.

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    Vivienne Lambert Qualifications.

    Masters Degree (with distinction) Leadership and Management Curtin University.

    2001 Diploma Australian Institute of Company Directors


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